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Priority 2 – Highly Effective Teachers and Leaders

Collaborative for the Continuous Improvement of Educator Effectiveness Systems (the Collaborative): Phase II: First In-Person Convening

December 14-15, 2017 | Phoenix, AZ

Collaborative Goals:

  • Strengthen and improve educator effectiveness systems based on lessons learned from states’ educator evaluation implementation with a focus on shifting the educator evaluation focus from accountability and compliance to professional learning and growth of teachers and leaders.
  • Galvanize a community of like-minded state education agencies around reframing the national dialogue about educator evaluation to focus on providing educators with opportunities for growth and honoring the professional judgment of skilled evaluators.
  • Inform the field with lessons learned and evidence about how to continuously improve systems of evaluation and professional support.

Individual State Goals:

  • Identify and address, in a community of practice format, one or more pressing problems of educator evaluation implementation to help the state evaluation and support system to evolve.
  • Leverage and bring coherence to educator evaluation system work and activities under way with other regional or national organizations and groups.

Goals of the Meeting:

  • Discuss the future of assessing teacher performance and connecting to professional learning with the goal of improving practice.
  • Establish consensus and understanding of Collaborative states’ Phase II plans.
  • Learn with and from one another through state-to-state consultancies to sharpen and make progress on problems of practice and strategic plans.