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Priority 8 – Organizational Management

Advancing English Learner Literacy & K-12 Academic Success: From Research to Policy to Classroom Practice

May 29-30, 2014 | Las Vegas, NV

The West Comprehensive Center in partnership with REL EL Alliance sponsored a regional meeting of the EL Collaborative. This invitational meeting was targeted for cross-functional state teams responsible for the success of ELs in their state.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss current challenges and practical steps in implementing EL services that support the transition to higher-level college- and career-ready standards in their states.

Examine research on effective state- and district-level policies to support classroom practices that enable K – 12th grade teachers to improve the literacy skills and content knowledge of ELs under more rigorous college- and career-ready state standards.

Understand results of REL West research projects, including findings on EL achievement progress across the EL Alliance, math pathways of ELs in UT, and the relationship between ELP and ELA results in AZ and NV, and examine ways to apply this information to effectively support improved achievement of ELs across the region through their own state’s current policies and practices.

Work in and across state teams to develop specific next steps that will support deep understanding and high achievement by EL students under more rigorous college- and career- ready state standards.